Reusable Containers – FYI’s

by Rick
on January 28, 2019

Ever considered using HDPE bulk collapsible containers for your business or shipping needs? If so, here are some valuable benefits you can bank on.

• HDPE Collapsible Containers can replace costly disposable packaging, saving countless amounts of money over just a short amount of time!
• HDPE Collapsible Containers can save space in warehouses or in shipping. The collapsible feature allows our containers to collapse into less than half its size, allowing the containers to be safely stacked when they are
not in use.
• Reusable containers and lids are a wonderful and safe alternative for the environment. Since most of our containers and all of our lids are made from 100% post-industrial recycled material, they never see a landfill!

HDPE Collapsible Containers are rated for heavy duty use. In most cases, they can accommodate thousands of pounds of material, fittings, or any other thing you can think to use them for!
The reusable packaging industry is growing because multiple industries have found our collapsible containers to be a valuable asset to their supply chains, shipping practices, and storage needs. Take a look and see where we could save you money today. You might be surprised!

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