Recycling Plastic in North Carolina is Easier Than You Think

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on August 29, 2019

Recycling Plastic in North Carolina is Easier Than You Think

Recycling Plastic in North Carolina is Easier Than You Think

Why is it Easier to Get Rid of Plastic Waste in North Carolina?

Improper plastic waste disposal poses various threats to the environment. Plastic has various chemical contaminants that can negatively affect nature. Because of the adverse effects of plastic pollutants, local governments and private organizations adopt numerous measures to mitigate the harm brought by plastic pollution.

If you are living in North Carolina or have a business in one of its cities, it is a relief to know that recycling and getting rid of your plastic waste is a simple process in this state. In this article, we list down the reasons why it is easier to recycle plastic in North Carolina than you might think.

North Carolina is a Recycling-Friendly State

North Carolina is one of the few states that mandates its constituents and business owners to recycle plastic. In 2009, the state implemented an act that aims to reduce the use of plastic and non-recyclable paper bags. The act also promotes the practice of reusing and recycling plastic bags and containers to households and local retail stores.

Even non-government organizations are doing all that they can to reduce plastic waste in North Carolina. Volunteers are signing up to initiatives that prevent plastic products from reaching the oceans. These are the various efforts that the government of North Carolina and its residents are doing to promote proper plastic waste recycling and management in the state.

Plastic Waste Creates Jobs

You may have heard of the phrase “There’s cash in the trash.” This rings true to people in North Carolina as they found money in plastic waste in the form of recycling jobs. Because of the statewide initiatives, plastic recycling creates jobs and thousands of people benefited from this

Resource Material Handling and Recycling is one of the local businesses in North Carolina that makes a positive impact on the environment. We provide plastic recycling services that are safe for nature and perfect for your business needs. We are able to provide jobs in our Ohio and North Carolina facilities thanks to the people and businesses in North Carolina and around the world that support the plastic recycling movement.

Recycling is Good for Your Business

By recycling the plastic waste that your business generates, you will not just support the environment but also reduce your business costs. We will buy your plastic recyclables and regrind it back to repurposed plastic that can be used to make new products. Recycling your plastic waste will also make your business compliant to North Carolina rules and regulations.

How About Industrial Plastic Waste?

If your business generates industrial plastic waste, the more you need recycling services. Industrial plastic waste is a major contributor to plastic pollution because of the huge number of pollutants it creates. North Carolina has strict regulations on disposal and recycling of industrial waste that is covered in their Solid Waste program.

To help you with your industrial plastic recycling needs, Resource Material Handling and Recycling offers reliable plastic recycling and toll grinding services in North Carolina, Ohio and anywhere in the world. We process all kinds of plastic materials. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Statesville, North Carolina and Middlefield, Ohio can regrind plastic waste and make new products from it
If you are a business owner in North Carolina or anywhere in the world, you can contact us at 888-934-0905 to find out how we can help you with your plastic recycling needs.

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