How to Organize Your Warehouse with the Right Industrial Containers?

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on December 26, 2019

Improve Storage Organization with the Right Storage Containers

Your warehouse serves an integral role in your business. This is where you store your products to keep them in great condition before shipping them out to your customers. Keeping a well-organized warehouse will help you prevent loss of profit due to damaged products.

Another benefit of keeping your warehouse organized is the increased efficiency of your business operations. When everything is organized, you can reduce the delay in the delivery of your goods to customers.

But, where should you start to keep your warehouse organized?

Choosing the right industrial containers for your products is the first step in keeping your warehouse organized. There are different kinds of industrial storage options for every need and choosing the best one for your business can increase the efficiency of your operations and the storage space of your warehouse.

There are many things to consider when purchasing the correct storage containers for your needs. First, you have to consider the products that you will be storing in these industrial containers. You have to ask yourself what type of products will be stored as well as consider the dimensions of the product.

Next, you should also consider how you will use the containers. Will your staff be moving the containers frequently or will the containers be used for long-term stationary storage? This is one consideration that you should take note of when choosing storage containers.

Lastly, you should also consider the type of environment that your warehouse is in. Is your warehouse conducive for certain types of materials like plastic or metal? For example, if you have a warehouse with high heat or acidic environment, plastic containers might be a bad idea and mesh containers can be a better option.

When you have decided on these factors, the next consideration that you should make is the type of industrial container that you can choose from.

Stacking Containers

Stacking containers do the thing that their name suggests – stack on top of each other. Stacking containers are very helpful when you have limited space in your warehouse because these require less floor area. Stacking containers come in various sizes and materials like plastic and mesh wire.

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers may be stacked, plus these can be collapsed down to a minimal height when not in use. Collapsible bulk containers are perfect when storage or transport of empty containers create logistical issues.

Wire-Mesh Containers

Wire-mesh containers are durable storage options that can withstand any kind of abuse. These containers are commonly made of metal and can handle more weight

Where to Get Durable Storage Containers for Your Warehouse?

Resource Material Handling & Recycling offers a plethora of storage options for your warehouse. We have a complete inventory of plastic, metal and wire containers that can be stacked and nested against each other. 

We offer refurbished and new industrial containers to help you save money on storage costs. Contact us to learn more about our storage offerings or visit our Ohio and North Carolina facilities to see for yourself our collection of industrial containers.

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