How Recycling Plastic Can Help North Carolina Businesses

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on July 26, 2019

How Recycling Plastic Can Help North Carolina Businesses

How Recycling of Plastic Can Help North Carolina Businesses

What is Plastic Recycling?

Plastic recycling is the process of collecting different kinds of plastic materials to reprocess them into varied products. This process helps recreate new products from plastic materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Plastic is one of the most popular materials used in just about anything across the globe. Plastics are used to manufacture many kinds of products including bottles, clothing, chairs and containers. Plastic materials have become a “waste threat” to our world. However, recycling can help reduce this threat.  

Stages of Plastic Recycling

The main objective of plastic recycling is to keep the waste off our environment. Recycling does not stop when plastic materials are collected. The recycling process undergoes stages until the plastic is reprocessed into a new product. Here are the stages of plastic recycling:  

#1 Collection

The collection stage can be done in these 2 ways:  
  1. Collection of plastic materials from your business or home.
  2. Customers may choose to deliver their plastic materials to our recycling facility in Statesville, NC.

#2 Sorting and Classification

The sorting stage is the separation of the collected plastic materials according to their classification and their resin content.  
Plastic Recycling in NC

#3 Washing

One of the most important stages of recycling is the washing or cleaning of plastic materials. The plastic materials need to be washed to remove impurities or any residue of its contents. This helps enhance the quality of the new product.  

#4 Shredding

Once the plastic materials are cleaned, they are loaded into a shredding machine. The shredding machine tears the plastic into small pieces or flakes.  

#5 Extruding

Extruding includes the process of melting the shredded flakes of plastics and extruding them into pellets. This process prepares the pellets to be manufactured into new products.  

#6 Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the stage where the pellets are reused or redesigned into a variety of new products. In some cases, the pellets are compressed into nurdles which are delivered to plastic manufacturers who create new useful recycled plastic products.     These are the 6 stages of plastic recycling in our Statesville plastic recycling facility. Recycling of plastic materials offers many benefits not just to businesses but also to the environment.  

Advantages of Plastic Recycling to Businesses in North Carolina

Plastic is used to manufacture a wide variety of products that keep businesses and household activities going. From food and beverage containers to trash bags, there is just an incredible number of plastic products we see and use every day. Recycling plastic materials helps reduce plastic waste and provides many benefits. Here are the advantages of plastic recycling to businesses in North Carolina:  
  1. Recycling helps save energy and natural resources such as petroleum and water.
  2. It reduces the amount of plastic waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators.
  3. Businesses will spend less on waste collection and disposal.
  4. Businesses can contribute to many “save the earth” programs.
  5. Recycling creates jobs that give opportunities to many individuals.
  6. Plastics are non-biodegradable and recycling them helps boost good health and a clean environment.
While recycling can help us in many ways, it also helps to reduce the use of plastic materials.  

The Best Plastic Handling and Recycling in North Carolina

Why do we need to recycle? Every day, businesses in North Carolina use tons of plastic materials to cope up with the needs of their business. Without recycling, plastic materials will just be dumped adding to waste pollution. Businesses across North Carolina are gradually realizing the many advantages of recycling not just plastic but many other waste materials for effective waste management. Resource Materials Handling & Recycling caters to all plastic recycling needs of businesses in North Carolina. Let us help your business with our most reliable and cost-effective solution to reducing your plastic waste. Contact us at 888-934-0905 to learn more about our plastic recycling and many other services. For Ohio businesses, you may contact our Cleveland facility.

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