How Can Proper Material Handling Reduce Workplace Injuries and Expenses?

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on November 27, 2019

Reduce Workplace Injuries and Expenses with Material Handling Solutions

How Can Proper Material Handling Reduce Workplace Injuries and Expenses?

Improper material handling is one of the most common reasons for work-related musculoskeletal disorders or WMSD. WMSD stems from overexertion of the muscles which leads to injuries. It has been found out that 55% of WMSD cases were due to lifting, 17% were due to carrying and wielding and 14% were attributed to pushing and pulling.

Aside from that, research shows that 21% of health claims were due to work-related injuries. Businesses are spending way too much on health expenses due to injuries in the workplace because of improper material handling, a problem that can be easily solved with efficient solutions.

Improper material handling has a major impact on your business. If you want to reduce injuries and expenses in your business, then you need to know your options for proper material handling. Resource Material Handling & Recycling in North Carolina and Ohio provide the best solutions for material handling that will fit your business’ needs. 

Lifting and Moving Things are the Most Common Reasons for Workplace Injuries

It has been mentioned that lifting and moving things are the most common reasons for workplace injuries. Manual heavy lifting often results in sprains and strains. Another risk in the workplace involves moving materials in awkward positions. Employees whose jobs constantly require them to bend over or reach out to heavy objects are the ones who are most susceptible to these kinds of injuries.

Business owners are the ones responsible for promoting occupational safety in the workplace. If you want to make your work setting safe for your employees, then you have to make sure that proper material handling is always being observed in your site.

Benefits of Proper Material Handling

Is proper material handling really that important?

Yes, handling materials the right way provides great benefits not just to your employees but also to your business. With an effective material handling system, you can make your work process more efficient. By investing in storage solutions and proper material handling systems, you can also create an impact on your business in more ways than you can imagine.

With proper material handling solutions, you will be able to reduce the cost of moving and transporting your products. You can also save space in your warehouse because of storage solutions. Aside from that, your operations will also enjoy reduced downtime due to the efficiency that proper material handling provides.

Material Handling Types to Consider

There are two main types of material handling solutions. The first one is the manual type and the second one is the automated type. Manual handling solutions allow your workers to manually move containers by lifting, lowering, carrying and emptying individual containers. This type of material handling poses more risk to the employees but with the help of useful equipment such as carts, you will be able to mitigate the risks of manual material handling.

On the other hand, there’s also automated material handling. This includes machines that are operated by humans. Automated material handling helps reduce WMSD because it replaces the manual handling of materials.

Industrial Containers for Storage Solutions

If you are looking to improve material handling in your workplace, you should invest in high-quality storage solutions. Resource MHR offers top-notch industrial containers that will not only reduce injuries in the workplace but also provide you with cost-effective options for storage.

We have bulk containers that are available in a variety of sizes and with drop doors installed. Drop doors are very helpful to easily reach products at the bottom of the containers. This helps reduce or eliminate the need to bend over or climb to the top of the container to reach things. Our new bulk containers with drop doors can be stacked in open and closed positions. 

Contact our North Carolina or Ohio facilities to check out our brand new and refurbished containers.

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