Foam Dividers & Partitions

Do your container requirements encompass small, fragile and odd-shaped objects that have the potential to break if not stored or transported properly? If so, then you’ll want to take a look at the various foam dividers and partitions Resource MHR has to offer.

The foam dividers and partitions in Resource MHR’ inventory are designed for cartons, trays, totes and a variety of other containers. As you browse our selection of foam partitions and dividers, you’ll find foam carton liners that cushion even the most delicate of contents against bumping and jarring. You’ll also discover foam dividers like U-pads, cell supports, channels, evelons and endcaps, all of which are intended to keep container contents confined, thereby preventing damage and breakage.

In addition, Resource MHR offers several foam divider inserts like foam in case, pad sets, foam rails, tote dividers and tray dividers / partitions. Don’t take risks when storing or transporting your fragile items. A foam divider or foam partition from Resource MHR can ensure your stored contents stay safe whether they are being transferred just across the office or across the globe.

Stackable Tray with Foam

Stackable Tray with Foam

Tote with Divider

Tote with Divider

Tote with Foam Insert

Tote with Foam Insert

Tray with PE Foam Rails

Tray with PE Foam Rails

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Container Classifieds

Reduce your costs by purchasing refurbished packaging solutions.  All of our refurbished product selection is repaired, power washed and kept inside our warehouse.  Check out our classified listings to find what you need.  If you don’t see what you need on our site call and we’ll find it!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

If you are looking for quick reusable packaging solutions Resource MHR has what you need!  All of our in stock products can be expedited to arrive when you need it.



We Use Recycled Resins

Most of our product selection is molded using up to 90% recycled resins that are processed at our in house recycling facility.  All of our plastic scrap that comes out of our repair facility is reprocessed back into fine resins and used for our products.  This not only keeps waste out of our landfills but allows Resource MHR to pass cost savings to our customers.  Call our customer service team to inquire about scrap buyback programs!


Blog: Reusable Containers

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About Resource MHR

Resource MHR is your one-stop shop for all your material handling needs. We carry a wide array of both new and used shipping containers to suit just about every conceivable industrial application.

Among the containers Resource MHR offers are:

  • Plastic and metal shipping containers and large shipping crates that protect your shipments to ensure they arrive at their destination just as they left the loading station
  • Collapsible containers and collapsible crates that lie flat when not being used to conserve space around the office or warehouse
  • Used shipping containers and recycled containers that offer the same reliable functionality as our new plastic and metal shipping containers at a budget-friendly discount
  • Totes, steel bins, recycling bins, rolling carts, barrels and more

No matter your containment requirements, trust Resource MHR, Inc. to take care of them. Approaching a quarter century in business, we take pride in our status as a premier container sales and leasing service provider.

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