A Better Approach to Industrial Recycling in North Carolina

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on October 23, 2019

Resource Material Handling and Recycling Offers Better Options for Industrial Waste Management

Plastic Recycling

The increasing number of businesses popping up in North Carolina and Ohio have made industrial waste management and recycling difficult. Many businesses create tons of waste every day including plastic which is one of the major contaminants in the environment.

Waste management is an inevitable part of doing business. Almost all businesses produce unwanted by-products and it is their responsibility to properly manage the waste they produce. If you are a business owner who wants to get rid of the industrial waste your business generates in an ethical, environmentally safe and efficient way, you will be glad to learn that there are great options accessible to your business.

Resource Material Handling and Recycling is a company that offers effective solutions to the recycling and waste management problems of businesses in North Carolina and Ohio. Here are some of the ways that we can help your business to optimally manage waste and recycling.

Repurposed Plastic

Many businesses rely on plastics to help with their daily operations. With the rapid industrialization, there has been an increase in waste generation. However, the rate of progress in industrial waste management has not kept up with industrial growth yet. Because of this, many industrial by-products end up being on the oceans or landfills.

Resource Material Handling and Recycling provides reliable options for businesses that are looking for efficient industrial waste management solutions. We can repurpose your plastic waste to reduce its negative impact on the environment. We have heavy-duty equipment that will sort, grind and recycle your industrial plastic waste so you can reuse it for your business operations.

Safe Industrial Container Recycling

Industrial containers have hazardous materials that are both unsafe for people and for the environment. Resource MHR offers safe industrial container recycling where we repair, clean and refurbish bulk containers. We ensure that all the industrial containers that we handle are safe from any harmful chemicals before it makes its way to your storage warehouse.

We do industrial container recycling in both of our North Carolina and Ohio facilities. To make sure that everything will be reused and will not go to landfills, bulk containers that can’t be refurbished will be shredded into pieces and made into new industrial products.

Sustainable Waste Management

We work with businesses to comply with their sustainability efforts. With Resource MHR, you can get the most reliable and cost-effective industrial waste management solutions that put your sustainability efforts in mind.

We have reliable solutions that provide a positive impact on the environment. Our waste management solutions can help you save money and make your business operations more efficient.

Resource MHR Provides Industrial Waste Management Solutions and More

Aside from our trusted industrial waste management and plastic recycling services, we also provide industrial bulk containers for various industries such as aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and more. Our industrial containers will help your business move products in a cost-effective way.

Contact us at 888-934-0905 to learn more about our wide array of solutions and products.

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